I just have to share with everyone a new discovery that a sister SU demonstrator, Lynn Pratt, discovered!  You can refill SU markers!  I thought I would share here tip with you.  Here’s how…

You can re-ink your Stampin’ Up markers!!!

All you have to do is use a pliers to pull off the larger colored end like I have shown above. You do have to get a good grip and pull REALLY hard. You will not break them, it goes right back in and snaps closed when you are done!

When you get the top off this is what the inside tube will look like. You just take your re-inker bottle and put a bunch of drops of ink right in the hole in the center and let it soak in.

Take the tube out fully so you can re-ink both end for the small and large tips. Once you have inked the center, put it back in and pop the marker end right back in, it goes back in with a click. This works great!! It takes a few minutes after you are done for the color to soak back up to the ends but then its just like having a brand new marker again!

This is great for the retired colors if you still use them and did not buy extra markers or just for the colors that you use a lot!!

Thanks Lynn for sharing how to do this – it’s great!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!

Linked now by Ink Refills….( hehehe)

~ Gail

8 thoughts on “REFILLING SU MARKERS!

  1. Thanks so much for this tip. I always buy the reinkers when I get the stamp pads, and my markers are in the same colors so I will have the ink for those. Mine aren’t dried out yet, but I’ll be doing this when they do. Mary

  2. must admit i just pop a couple of drops on the fat end and store upright with the narrow end pointing down overnight and that seems to do the trick if its not too major a dry out.

  3. Great tip! I really like knowing that we can do this and your pictures make it look simple. I also like Rachel’s response as I’ve done that in the past too and it does work. Bless you both.

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