Hi Everyone!  I would love to share with you an organization that I have belonged to for quite a few years that has made such a difference in the life of a child.  It’s called Children International.  For years, I have sponsored three children that I would like to introduce to you.  I would urge you that if you are able, make a difference in a child’s life, either here in America or another country of your choosing. I hope you can make a difference and I would love to hear from you about your experience! Click here to watch a great video to learn more!

The first one is Rose, whom I have sponsored since 2005 – 5 years!  She is now 11 years old!   Rose was my Christmas present to myself – my very first sponsored child, from the Phillipines.

Next is Doreen, from Zambie, whom I have sponsored since 2007 – another Christmas present to myself!

And then I had been sponsoring Christina, who unfortunately moved from the program, but I was offered sponsorship of another dear little one who’s name is Dengila, from Zambia – isn’t she CUTE!!!

I have found my experience in sponsoring to make a difference in these children’s lives so worthwhile and rewarding and know that I make a difference in the quality of life for them and their families. I would encourage you to also make a difference!

Linked by Love,
~ Gail

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