Here are some simple ways to make our Letter and Newspaper Carriers feel special:

Control your pets. Even if you think your dog is about as fierce as Snoopy, keep him on a leash or behind a closed door, suggests Andy Petersen, a Washington, D.C., letter carrier. You don’t know if a particular carrier is averse to animals.

Clear the front stoop. Getting past piles of toys and bikes is “like picking your way through a minefield,” says Mark Sims, who delivered mail for 21 years in Springfield, Missouri.

Don’t block the box. Move garbage cans out of the way.

Offer them a beverage. It can warm them up or cool them off, depending on the weather, says Sims. Baked goods and thank-you notes are also appreciated.

Learn their name and use it. He or she knows yours.

AND, don’t forget that a handwritten note to them thanking them for delivering your mail is something they will appreciate and will make them feel special!

Stampin’ Hugs!
~ Gail

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