Hi Everyone! Now that you have the “in color” ribbon, how about an “IN-COLOR OF THE MONTH SPECIAL” for ONLY $13.00 plus tax???!!! What a fabulous deal going on for the next 5 months – one color each month – to go along with the beautiful ribbon you have! Priced individually, it would equal over $65.00, but with this special it’s only $13.00 plus tax!

The special includes ALL of the below:

One in-color stamp pad
One in-color marker
FOUR sheets of 12×12 TEXTURED paper
EIGHT in-color brads
FOUR sheets of card stock

Ink pad, marker, beautiful textured paper, brads, and card stock – all for only $13.00 plus tax – AND FREE SHIPPING!

This is based on groups of 5, so the first 5 people responding will make up the first group with each group of 5 thereafter making up other groups. When each group is filled and I have everyone’s payment, then I will go ahead and place the order.

You can paypal me with your payment (how easy is that!) or send me your check and then I’ll place your order. This is the perfect compliment to your in-color ribbon at a price and at a deal you won’t want to miss!

Stampin’ Hugs!
~ Gail

P.S. — Missed out on July’s ribbon deal?? Still want in? You can still let me know. For each group of 5, you pay ONLY $10.95 and will get TWO YARDS of each of the five in-colors ruffled ribbons! Just e-mail me to let me know you want to take advantage of this great deal. I will be doing a ribbon share each month, going through each group in the catalog one month at a time so it’s more affordable for everyone who LOVES ribbon like I do!

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