On a recent trip to Ireland to visit family, I decided to bring all the ladies in my family there a little surprise by giving them a dish towel with a USA flair to it. I picked up some royal blue dish towels along with flag fabric and then using our Beautiful Butterflies die, made these little gifts for everyone. Here’s the tutorial:

Here is my fabric – washed and ironed to pre-shrink!

Here is our Fabric Adhesive Roll

Here is our Beautiful Butterflies die

Run the fabric and the fabric adhesive piece through the Big Shot to cut out your pieces but first iron your fabric onto the fabric adhesive BEFORE running through the Big Shot, making sure that you have ironed the fabric adhesive on the WRONG side of your fabric – very important!

After you have removed your pieces, gently peel back the fabric off of the adhesive sheet.

Position your butterflies on your dish towel and iron them on!

Then using embroidery thread, hand whipstitch all the way around the butterflies. After you are done, pick out a button and then sew it on for a little variety!

Here is a close up view when finished.

Here is the finished project!

Everyone loved them, and I was very happy with how they turned out!

Stampin’ Hugs!
~ Gail


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