Good Morning Everyone! As promised, here is my big SALE announcement! I am SOoooooo close to being promoted to Manager within Stampin’ Up! So, I decided to have a fabulous sale so I can be promoted by the end of this month – and at the end, IF I have enough in sales to be promoted – EVERYONE will receive a special gift from me in appreciation of your support of me in this endeavor, SO… here it my special offer going on from TODAY, November 13th, THROUGH November 29th. Please keep in mind that this offer is through me personally and NOT through Stampin’ Up!

For every order of $30.00, your name will be put in a drawing to win a BIG SHOT (a $99.99 value)! If you place an order for $60.00, then your name goes in twice, but if you order 59.99, then to be fair to everyone else, your name goes in once, so please be aware of your totals so you can get your name in as many times as you can! I will draw the name on DECEMBER 1st!

From Today through November 29th, For every order given to me PERSONALLY and not placed on line, I am going to hold ALL those orders (however, you will need to mail me either a check or give me your CC information) and if the amounts total $400 or MORE, then I am going to have a MYSTERY HOSTESS and take advantage of SU promotion going on!

What does that mean??? That means I am going to have a drawing for each group of $400 in orders and draw names to see who is going to get a hostess benefit of $$65.00 in FREE product, another drawing for a hostess benefit for $35.00 in FREE product, another drawing for ONE item 50% off – ANYTHING IN THE CATALOG – 50% OFF! AND, to make it sweeter, I will then have a drawing for someone to get 20% off their entire order! So for example, if I have 3 people’s orders who total the first $400 mark, then I have a drawing for the first 3 items, then have to put all your names back in to draw names again for the other 20% off your total order. If you get together with some friends and give me your order in a group that totals $400, then you and your friends can share in all the drawings! How COOL is this? SO MANY PEOPLE WILL WALK AWAY WINNING SOMETHING!

AND, just when you are thinking wow, I have a great chance to win…. for EVERYONE who places an order – I am going to PAY YOUR SHIPPING cost! Of course, we all have to pay State Tax, but I will pay for your shipping!!

So to recap – for every $30.00 order placed through me personally, you will be entered to win a Big Shot

For every group of $400 in orders, someone will win:
$65.00 in FREE merchandise
$35.00 in FREE merchandise
Any ONE item for 50% off
20% off your entire order


AND, if I am able to reach the amount needed to be promoted to Manager, then EVERYONE who placed an order with me will get a special surprise from me to show them my appreciation. I’m excited to offer this opportunity for so many to win so much – and don’t forget to tell those who have your WISH LIST to contact me with their orders by November 29th so they can take advantage of this offer too!

I’ll be announcing the winners for the MYSTERY HOSTESS on November 30th, and the BIG SHOT winner on December 1st! Thanks so much for your support, and I have my fingers crossed for everyone!

Stampin’ Hugs!
~ Gail

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