Woo Hoo!  I just broke open and used my NEWLY DESIGNED ink pads which will be available June 1st and I can tell you that I LUV them!  What an improvement!  The black ink is UNBELIEVABLE!  Fabulous dark coloring that is even better than Stazon because you can clean it like a regular stamp without having to buy a special product to clean it.  So, as I was looking at it, I got an idea on how to attach the label (yes, they have labels that are on the back side of the ink pad!).  So, I thought I would share my idea with you…..

Here is a picture of the new ink pads when you get them – notice that there is no label at the end of them:

Now, flip over the pad because the label is on the back!

Now, peel off your label (the top one is in English, but other languages are included as well).

Notice how you have “extra” before and after the name of the ink color?  Well it got me thinking how I could use that to my advantage, so here is what I did.  I cut off each plain end.

I adhered only the part that had the ink color name onto the front at the very bottom…..

Then I took one of the plain pieces and adhered it to the opposite end of the pad at the bottom so that if you were stamping across the table, looking at the pad from the opposite end, you could tell what color it was.  Nothing worse than stamping into the wrong color pad when you have several opened at the same time!

Then I fully opened the ink pad and took the last remaining piece of the colored label and tucked it inside so if you were looking down at it, you could tell immediately what color it was!

I think this is going to work out beautifully and wanted to share my idea with you on what I am doing with our newly designed foam ink pads!

Stampin’ Hugs!

~ Gail


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