Hi Everyone!  Well, August is here and so is a new insert for my Framed Art class!  This month we celebrate Smores day, Sewing Machine day, and just summer with a summer dress, surfing, and beach fun!  We also celebrated another granddaughter’s birthday, Ella, who is turning 5.  She was just too cute and so excited because she knew it was finally her turn to have her picture in a square.  I love the fact that not only do you have the ability to use stamps, but digital images also!  The possibilities are endless with all the fabulous digital downloads that Stampin’ Up! has available.  Mucho thanks go to Jen Thornton for coming up with the idea for the sewing machine and incorporating fabric/ribbon so it looks as though it is actually being sewn on it!  She is a future demonstrator for sure!  Here is the frame that everyone made:

Here is my personal family insert celebrating Ella’s 5th birthday:

Here are some close-up celebrating sewing machine day:

Here is the square featuring a cute summer dress, created from the scallop circle punch and heart punch:

This square used the Up, Up & Away stamp set:

Here is my darling granddaughter Ella, holding a gift bag in celebration of her 5th birthday:

Another side view:

I’ll be adding the recipe tomorrow as I knew there was something I had forgotten to do – LOL!

Stampin’ Hugs!

~ Gail


  1. OMG – Gail, every month I think these just can’t get any cuter . .. and they do!!!! LOVE THIS!!! I sooo wish I had enough ladies that would get together to do this . .. I’m going to show all of yours a bit later this year, and see if I can “entice” some of them to commit! THANKS for so generously sharing!

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