Happy Holidays to All!  I wanted to share what we did for the December framed art insert – a month celebrating Poinsettia Day, Gingerbread Day, Cut Out Cookie Day, and Christmas!  Here is the 8 x 10 frame insert:

DSC_0678 - Copy

This is the 12 x 12 frame insert:


Here is a close-up of the Christmas tree:


Here is a close-up of the santa owl square:


Here is a close-up of the gingerbread and cut out cookie square using the two tags die:


Here is a close-up of the other squares:


My Saturday’s class Jen Thornton (who loves penguins) chose to substitute the snowman that is shown in the 8×10 frame for the cute penguin out of the mini Holiday catalog called “No Peeking” and this is what it looked like – it was so darn cute that I used that one for my 12 x 12 frame – thanks JEN!!!



Then to top it off, Jen made these fabulous cupcakes in honor of two birthdays this month – Barb’s…. and mine – thanks Jen – not only are they stinkin cute with the cupcake flags, but they were soooooo delicious!

DSC_0671 - Copy

AND… Jen’s mom Sue, made a delicious breakfast casserole:


When Sue gives me the recipe, I’ll pass it along – but this was really GREAT!

And last but not least….. this is just a picture of the Advent calendar that we made LAST YEAR, which was the inspiration for these monthly framed art classes because in January, my daughters would not take them down because they loved theirs so much – thus the idea to have monthly themed inserts – and it all started with this one…. a total labor of love!

DSC_0674 - Copy

I’ll be posting the recipe for this month’s insert later this week, but I wanted to share with you this month’s Framed Art insert!

Stampin’ hugs!

~ Gail


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