I wanted to share with you that my mom has been in the hospital recovering from that terrible cold virus that hit her really hard.  So I thought to cheer her up, I would make her a card and send it to her every day until she gets discharged, sort of a countdown to discharge event.  I’m also getting ready to go away to Leadership and trying to keep up with my regular work before I leave and know my cards need to be quick and simple, so I thought I would share them with you just so you can see how simple and quick a card can be when you don’t have much time but you want someone to know you are thinking of them.  I will be sending cards with no layers or embellishments – very simple and clean, but I know my mom will love getting something every day while she is in the hospital.  So, my first card I gave her was actually one from a previous class and that does have layers but it was so stinkin cute, I just had to start with that one.  All the ones after this one will be simple and clean and very easy, but i know they will brighten her day every day she is in the hospital recovering!  I love you mom, and get better fast!  Here is what my cute mom looks like – picture taken from her special square from my May Framed Art insert for Mother’s Day…


Ok, here is her first card:



It’s a tissue box – how stinkin’ cute!  She really liked this and laughed when she opened it!  Tomorrow will be card #2 in the countdown to discharge!

Hugs, and I hope you stay well!

~ Gail


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