What do you get when you mix this Washi tape – Love IT!….


with this….



You get a Washi Tape Dispenser:


Yep – what a great way to store and dispense your Washi tape by taking an empty aluminum foil box (or wax paper, or plastic wrap) and sliding your washi tape on the empty roll (and you were going to recycle it – yes?  No more!).

I was really struggling with what to do with all my rolls I have since SU came out with washi tape, and was thinking of putting them in a container cause they kept rolling off my counter when I hit them and one day in the kitchen, I emptied the aluminum foil box and it just clicked with me, hey I could stick my rolls in this.  They fit perfectly, however, I really wanted to SEE what rolls I had, so I thought of cutting a little slit at the bottom so I could poke the washi tape out of, so I altered the box like this using our paper trimmer and cut out a 1/2 inch slit like this:



Well then I had to dress up my new box with designer paper!  I then took a strip of window sheet and scored it on each end so I could fold it and then slipped it through the slit opening and folded it down and attached that side with sticky strip to the inside of my box, and then brought it down the front and folded in under my box and adhered it to the bottom so that the lower half where the washi tape comes out is actually protected by a window sheet (or piece of transparency film/acetate if you have some of that).  By using the window sheet there, the washi tape will not potentially rip my designer paper.


Here are my rolls from the inside:


Of course I wanted to identify what was in this, so I adhered some letters from the Typeset Alphabet Bigz die to the top (I had not used them before – so I was happy!).  When I have my classes, everyone will see where the washi tape is!


Here is my washi tape, all lined up and begging to be used – and now all I have to do is just pull on whatever piece of washi tape I need and it rolls out easily.


I will never look at an empty foil box again in the same way!  My goal for August is to clean up and organize my stamping area (or just pick up my stuff off the floor and put it away – LOL) and now I can check off my washi tape organizer!

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