Halloween Curvey Box Tutorials

Halloween Curvey Box Tutorials

Hi all!  Thought I would share how I did my pinterest inspired Halloween curvey boxes – the Spider box, the Frankenstein box, and the Count Dracula box.  Here are the boxes:

Halloween Curvy Boxes

Here is what you need to create the Frankenstein box in Garden Green:

Frankenstein Curvey Box

I assembled by box FIRST, then applied all the pieces to the box so I knew where to position my eyes, nose, etc.  I used a Sharpie pen to draw the mouth and stitch lines near the eyes and used our white chalker for the eyes.  I did find that our Tombow glue is fantastic and really worked better than glue dots to hold the “bolts” on the side of him.

Next is the Count Dracula in Wisteria Wonder.  Here are the pieces you will need:

Count Dracula Curvey Box

If you click on the photo above, it will bring it up larger and easier to read my instructions.  How clever to use the wings from the bird builder punch for the ears and the very tip from the new tree punch for the fangs!  Just take two bites from a smaller circle punch to creat the “hair” out of the 2-1/2 circle which is cut in half.  Again, I assembled my box first, then placed my pieces on the box and drew the mouth with a Sharpie pen.

Lastly, is the Spider curvey box  – this little guy was really easy to put together in Basic Black:

Spider Curvey Box

I ran the sides through the web embossing folder, so only the sides with the slots are embossed.  To make the legs, this is what I did.  Take your square punch and punch a square.  Then insert that piece back into the punch, offsetting the punched image slightly like this so only a small section of the card stock on the top and the side show:

Bite of Square in Punch

There is just a little strip of card stock at the top and left side showing and so then you punch it out, adjust the card stock again and punch another piece, and keep taking little bites like that.  You will need a total of 6 legs – 3 on each side: (and… great – my photo is upside down!)… so, turn your head upside down and you will see what this is supposed to look like – LOL! – but you get the picture for the legs – just little sections of the square punch:


I hope this helps you see all the pieces that I used to create these stinkin’ cute Halloween boxes… and I still have some to put together before Halloween!

Have a fun Halloween!

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