Putting VIDEOS into your Project Life and MDS projects – WHAT???!!! MULTIMEDIA MEMORY KEEPING!

We all take a gazillion photos to document our life.  We ALSO take videos – but what do we do with them?  How can we keep them and how can we document them in our memory keeping Project Life pages to enjoy again and again?  The answer is simple – upload your videos to YouTube and then assign a QR code (Quick Response Code) to them – print them out and insert them into your pages!  The QR code is actually a jpeg file which means you can also insert it into your MDS (digital) projects just like you do a photo, so you can resize it to suit your needs.

Download a FREE QR Reader app onto your smartphone, Nook, tablet, iPod, iPad or other device and then SCAN the QR code on your page and you will be able to watch your videos for years to come!  HOW COOL IS THIS??

Here is a page I did – do you see my QR code in the bottom right pocket?

Fourth Try Cropped
If you have a QR Reader already on your smartphone or device, you could actually scan it right now off your computer screen and it should play my video that I took at the Manager’s Reception in Orlando!

Now you can document the first steps of a child, your child’s activities, fun times, a father/daughter dance at her wedding, the birth of a child in their baby book, your loved ones, and those special moments in life in your projects.  Are you ready to take your memory keeping to a higher level?

To make it easy for you, I have a tutorial with easy to follow instructions, available for only $5.00.  The steps are easy to follow and have all the links included for you to begin creating your own QR codes to incorporate your videos into your projects. Click on the Buy Now button below and I will e-mail the tutorial to you.  Thank you!  Get ready for some FUN in your projects!

Preview Image

Note:  Please do not select the option for no contact when placing your order or I will not be able to send you the tutorials.  Also, please make sure that my e-mail address, gemmons@rochester.rr.com is approved in your e-mail account so your e-mail does not reject my e-mails which contain the tutorials. This is intended for your use only and is not intended for others who have not purchased it directly themselves and is not to be shared or forwarded. 

~ Gail

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