Bag in a Box Tutorial

This is the cute “Bag in a Box” project we made at class this month and I promised a tutorial along with the dimensions on how to make this.  This is actually quite large and will easily accommodate a coffee cup and a gift card or at least six regular sized cards and only takes ONE sheet of designer paper to make this!


Supplies for bag are:

Card base:  7-1/2 x 5-1/2 – score at 1″ on all four sides.

Designer paper:  2 pieces 10″ x 6″

Four strips at 1″ x 11″

Two strips at 3/4″ x 11

THAT IS IT!  Ok – 4 brads to attach the handles!


Assemble your box base by snipping up to the score line on the long sides.  Add sticky strip to all 4 tabs.  Assemble box with tabs on the OUTSIDE.  Your box will look like this:

Take your designer piece and adhere one long strip just at the bottom lengthwise:


Then remove the protective layer and I laid the edge of the box along the tape in the center of the piece and eyeballed it:


Bring up your two sides:


for the other piece of designer paper, apply sticky strip along the bottom and then BOTH sides:


Peel off the protective strips and then do the same thing – lay the box down on the tape in the middle and then bring up the sides, adhering the two sides:


All that is left to do is adhere your strips on the bottom and the top by starting at the SIDE SEAM and going around the base at the top and the bottom.  The second pieces will overlap on each other.

Then attach your two straps with brads and you are done!  This “Bag in a Box” is stronger than you think and is quite large.  It went together so fast and quick.


I was so excited that this is a good way to use up my stash of designer paper to create a fun gift bag alternative!


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