For ANY AMOUNT of product you buy from me, keep track of it and when it equals $500.00 in merchandise – no matter how small or large your purchase – let me know and you can order ANY stamp set from the catalog! Why, with my “Wee Buyers Reward Program,” it will make you go “wee, wee, weeeeeee…. all the way down to your stamp room! Just look at the video to get the picture of just HOW HAPPY YOU WILL BE…

You’ll be sooo happy you placed your order with me – even if you participate in a ribbon or a paper share – it all counts! You have to keep track and provide me with the following information: Date, amount bought (excluding tax and shipping), and the Invoice Number which I will provide you when you place your order through me, or which you will receive in the e-mail from SU after you have placed your order so I can verify everything! It’s just another way of me saying how much I appreciate YOUR support!

Stampin’ Hugs!
~ Gail

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